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By law, tourists must show proof of residence before presenting their program for a Morocco visa. This evidence of residence includes a current or valid driving permit.

Morocco Visa Information - A typical question about Morocco Visa Requirements is whether a foreign national who wants to get into Morocco can find a visa without a visa. The response to this question is'Yes'. A foreign national who wishes to enter Morocco on business must first acquire a visa otherwise they are not eligible for visa statute. Provided that the reason for travel to Morocco is for work purposes only, one will not require a visa.

If a visitor or tourist to Morocco isn't in the European Union, United States, or even South Africa, he or she could still submit an application for a visa. Moroccan law doesn't require a individual to hold a visa when entering the country for tourism purposes. It's important to note that long-term union requirements do apply for vacationers entering Morocco for the first time. These long-term visa requirements are somewhat different than those needed for tourists who return to Morocco.

To apply for a Morocco visa, a visitor or tourist may fill out an application form that's available in English or a foreign language. After submitting the application, the applicant will have to cancel their passport or some other travel documents. Once the passport or documents are surrendered, the applicant will be asked to wait for up to three months while the embassy in Morocco issues an immigrant visa. Sometimes the waiting period will be more.