Ian McFarland

I am a guitarist from New England who plays an eclectic and expansive style of genres. I first discovered music when my parents bought me an electric piano when I was seven. I would sit there for hours playing with the presets and trying to come up with melodies. Later when I was 10 I begged my parents to let me take up the guitar. Then eventually a year later I started to take lessons. Since then my passion for playing has grown into a skill set involving many aspects of the arts.

The places I've been influenced most by are my peers. They help me create my art and give me input. Working with my peers helps me figure out who I am as an artist. By introducing me to new styles and forms of art I can better define myself as an artist and a person.

Recently I have been working in multiple with artists helping write and record music, but more importantly focusing on an up and coming project called "The Universe and Me" which is set to be releasing and EP in the coming months as well as starting to tour extensively for promotion. As a growing artist there is not much of a concrete structure; which allows me to be manipulated and transform to fit the needs of the projects I take up. While studying at Berklee College of Music I hope to undergo many transformations that will allow me to reach my fullest potential and continue to succeed in the music industry.

  • Education
    • Berklee College of Music