Kansas City, USA

MCFC Midwest is an offical supporters club for Manchester City Football Club, based out of Kansas City, USA.

We were founded in 2010, originally based out of the Pacific Northwest, as MCFC Northwest. However, our founders moved to Kansas City in 2012, and brought MCFC Midwest to life.

Since then, we have devloped a strong following with City fans in the US and across the world. We are even a recognized supporters club for City.

Our goal is simple - to connect city fans in the US Midwest with City fans across the world.

We meet regularly to watch city games at two different pubs here in Kansas City. If you are a City fan living in the midwest, or if you are a sports fan from Kansas City - this is the place for you. If you want to join us for a game, contact us on twitter to see where we will be meeting.

Make sure to follow us on TWITTER at @mcfc_midwest

Supporting the best team in the land and all the world.