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The Biomedical Admission Policy (Bonaire Health Declaration Form) is a legally binding contract between you and the Isle of Barbados, which stipulates you will be accepted for medical attention on condition that you agree to accept treatment from any of the associations in Barbados who are listed in the List of Hospital Authority (MHA). This form is also called the Admission Requirements or List of Admitted Hospitals. The aim of this document is to prevent people from traveling under false pretences and also to prevent immigration into the Isle of Barbados from outside the country. It sets out the criteria for admission into the MHA and the processes followed if a patient has been denied entrance.

In addition to being a legally binding document, the Bonaire Health Declaration Form additionally requires you to meet specific requirements. You have to state clearly your goals regarding where you want to go to for treatment, the amount of times you are planning to stay on the Island of Barbados, and if you're accompanied by friends or family. You also have to indicate if you are taking any prescribed drugs, whether you are under any sponsored medical cover, and should you require any special treatment you need to indicate that. The form also requires you to state whether you have a social insurance number and exactly what your marital status is.

There are two choices open to you when it comes to the duration of your stay in the MHA. The first is the 365 day rolling admissions strategy that is designed for individuals who desire longer than a month's stay. This is the best scheme for families with children who need more than six months of hospital care but don't want to become a ward of the health service. There are also other options available for prolonged standing admitted provided that you satisfy the other criteria for enrollment.

As soon as you've filled in your application you'll have to come back to the identical address for processing as per your health insurance card and details about your own treatment. After this the forms must be sent to the applicable departments for them to process based on their policies. All of the necessary documents are to be presented in front of a panel of judges who will then issue the Bonaire Health Declaration Form. You might also request a digital format to be filed to accelerate the procedure.