Michael Chase Walker

Santa Monica

"As for myself, it has always been about story. Beyond the box office, the Nielsens, the best sellers and the endless jockeying for credits and money, to grasp the essence of storytelling is to unravel the mystery and the history of human consciousness."


Michael Chase Walker is the author of Power Screenwriting: The 12 Stages of Story Development. He is a screenwriter with numerous credits to his name, including, Cupid for Steven Spielberg, After Man, The Court Jester, Galaxy High School, Catch a Fire, The Bob Marley Story, and The Poet and The Tsar: The Life and Times of Alexander Pushkin. He just sold his screenplays and Graphic Novel Circus Galacticus: Circus of the Beyond and Shrek author William Steig's Rotten Island to Vanguard Animation. He is currently adapting Pulitzer prize, Academy Award winner Jules Feiffer's Trapped in a Comic Book as a hybrid live-action animated major motion picture.

  • Work
    • Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Consultant
  • Education
    • Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts, Eastern Philosophy, Mythology