Michael Chidley

Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and Life Coach in Perth, Australia

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Originally born in Kalgoorlie, Michael Chidley now lives in Perth, Western Australia and along the way has acquired many qualifications that certify him as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. He has over 8 years of industry knowledge from working in big chain gyms to owning a small personal training business of his own.

Michael's passion started as most peoples does and that stemmed from being involved in sport and doing fitness himself from an early age. He strives to support and motivate his clients to reach their personal goals whole journey. He is driven knowing that what he does educates and helps change peoples habits and routines for the better, and basically as a result saves lives.

Michael is spread throughout Perth coaching out of Results Based Training (RBT) Morley through to teaching classes and mentoring instructors as a Group Fitness Manager for Goodlife Health Clubs. You'll find him doing some form of group training, whether it be in a room full of people high knee running at the end of class or laying on the floor impressed at what they just achieved.

Michael has also recently taken the next step in his Les Mills career as a LES MILLS TONE™Presenter and is also an Elite Instructor trained/certified in Les Mills BODYATTACK™ & BODYSTEP™.

Contact Michael Chidley if you are looking for your motivation and coaching in your next workout (or the one you've been thinking about starting for a long time!).