Theresa McIntosh

I am a Wife, a Step Mother, a Greand Mother, a Homeowner & Business Owner. I've learned as I've grown older to just laugh at the ignorance. Everyone has a divine right to their own opinion. I will continue to be myself, regarldess of any individual. A great quote I apply my life to is, "Those who matter don't mind. And those who mind don't matter." This is a very accurate saying.

We own our own Independent Contracting Business. And while I mainly take care of the phone work & paperwork. There are times I go out on jobs with my Husband.

Our Home is my other love. We purchased it via a Land Contract. It's from the 1800's and quite the fixer upper. I've thoroughly enjoyed fixing it up. Am in the process now of Kitchen renovations. It keeps me busy and knowing that we fixed up our our home, versus hiring someone. Gives us the greatest pleasure and feeling of self accomplishment!

We own 6 cats, 1 dog and 5 fish. We have an array of Wildlife that trollips throughout our yard at different times of the day. Our home sits on 6 acres of land. 4 acres are nothing but woods. I love to take walks in the woods, just to be outside for a while. LOVE to fish, camp & enjoy amusement parks. My Husband is retired from the U.S. Army and doesn't do well with Roller Coasters. But that doesn't stop me!

Movies, Music & Reading are also activities I partake in. Metal & Classic Rock are my preferences. My Husband enjoys Country. I read mostly, Ann Rule: True Crime Author. Movie preferences are anthing mostly. Just not big into Chic Flicks.

Also love to cook. I was raised in NC, right in the Smoky Mountains. So Southener staples are a huge part of my life. Can cook any genre of food. Italian is my favorite!!