It's McKenna here ... the really awkward and crazy McKenna in the flesh! Well ... not the flesh ... but the internet ... same thing, right?

Here are just some odd and random facts about me that show a little bit of my personality!

-I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong era because I LOVE everything vintage. I secretly wish I was a PinUp girl.

-I can POUND the food. Like a guy who has been starved for over five years. Food is life. Food is love. Food is happiness.

-I can make a thousand different facial expressions
-I am the biggest romantic! Honestly, it's kinda sad! My favorite book and movie is Gone With the Wind! Rhett Butler is my dream man, along with Mr. Darcy!

-Black and white movies are still the best movies

-I am a huge tomb boy at heart

-I absolutely love the outdoors! My favorite hobby, besides reading and writing, is horseback riding!
-My favorite type of dates are those that are not expected! Like buying random ingredients and seeing what you can make with them, or paint balling, or mud-sledding, etc.
- Sometimes, all you need in life is a burger and a milkshake, let's be honest!
- I am a professional singer … when I am in the shower of course!
- Sometimes, I put the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack on and pretend like I am in the movie!
- I can make myself cry on cue!
- I am the biggest movie quoter! That's why I have a quote of the day! I can honestly speak in movie quotes!
- I love adventures. Life would be nothing without spontaneous adventures!

So ... that's me! Prett exciting, huh?