Mariah McKesson

Winston Salem

Hello my name is Mariah McKesson. I write poetry, sing, dance, and try to find a way of life for myself. My birthday is December 28th my age current age is 20. I graduated from McDowell high school year 2012. I am currently a Sophmore attending Winston Salem State University "SU". My favorite color is sky blue. Favorite actor is Denzel Washington and leonardo dicaprio . I’m a thick girl and trust me I know how to work my thickness. I have a heart of gold if someone is in need I will always be there lending a hand. I have two of three best friends I am glad to have met which are Kala and Kiana we are known as the KMK group. I currently lost two loved ones i cared for deeply first was my grandma then recently it was my little cousin. Both of them have impacted my life so much and now watching both of their birthdays pass by is hard to not think of them. The reason i say this is because you shouldn't take life for granted if your family members or anybody in your life that your mad at God can simply take them away and then you feel sorry for yourself because you didn't take back saying the things you said. Life is like a game you either play it well or watch it crash in a moment. I have recently started making videos on Youtube so you should subscribe to me on there my name is Riahmckprincess or follow me on Instagram under the name Riahdee12342 and on twitter Trust_love4. If you need anything or need some advice come holla at your girl my email is I will indeed reply back. If you have alot going on and you want someone to talk to then let me know shoot me an email send me your address and i'll send you a letter back i promise i'm not a creeper lol.

  • Work
    • Substitute Teacher
  • Education
    • McDowell High School
    • Winston Salem State University