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"Veteran Garage Door Repair McKinney is proud to announce the opening of our Mckinney Showroom. Veteran Garage Door specializes in garage door and automatic garage door openers repairs, service and installations of all residential and commercial garage doors.

What causes garage doors go off track, hanging crooked in the opening ?

There are multiple things that can cause a garage door to go off track. It could be caused by an item like a broom or shovel, as examples, in the travel path of the garage door. To help prevent this situation, we recommend keeping the area beside the tracks clear of tools or other items.

Another common cause is worn out or bad rollers and end bearings causing the door to bind and creating a door off track situation. To help prevent this from happening, we recommend keeping your garage door properly lubricated and replacing the rollers and end bearings when they are worn out or failing. These are the most common causes of doors going off track, but over the course of years I have seen small rodents and even snakes getting tangled up in the garage door drums and cables that then cause the door to go off track.

The best way to prevent your garage door from going off track is to properly lubricate your garage door, have your garage door professionally maintenanced yearly, and keep the area around the track clear of items that can potentially fall into the path of the garage door as it opens and closes."

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