Milliea McKinney

Milliea McKinney

Milliea Taylor McKinney, is an accomplished award winning songwriter, and music professional.

Her experience has earned her high regard, and respect in the music industry. Her skill as taught

her to focus, and target her objectives in all areas, and facets that creates a mainstream of attention

on the client and area of her promotion.

In doing so she has developed the reputation of being a music industry guru

Hailing from Northern Kentucky, as a former educator, in the earlier stage of her adult life Milliea, fell fell in love with the industry.

Getting her first break as a songwriter, for Brandon Hills Music, & Jandar Records from her now very

good friend Marsha Brown CEO of the companies. Writing, and auditioning songs for the legends in

country music.

Milliea, went on to experience through constant new music professional contacts other facets of the

industry. Promoting, Publicity, Songwriting, are but a few of the hats she has wore in her extensive

journey of accomplishments.

Owning various companies along the way, and sharing partnerships, she has had hands on experience

in her chosen craft learning from the best in the field of entertainment.

Currently Partnering up with her very good friend, and now partner 'Five time promoter of the year,'

and former VP to MCA Records, Pat Melfi, in a social conscious movement to save the legacy of music

education through his now Foundation known as Muzart World Foundation, and her new company that

educates entertainers, and artist the need, and responsibility of positive lyrics, and entertainment that

role model for today's youth, and future entertainers.

Milliea's, ability to clone a song, and its lyrics is a mastery she has accomplished through out the years

as a professional songwriter. recently being honored with "Song Of The Year, and Honorable Mentions

World Wide" 2011. This is only one of the many awards she has accumulated in her musical career.

Specializing in artist development, and promotions, she will drive you to the next unlocked door to

accomplish your promotional goals.