Emotionologist in the United Arab Emirates


Emotionologist in the United Arab Emirates

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What I've done and what I'm doing is a reflection of who I've been. I'd much rather share with you who I'm striving to become so here are some...

BUCKET LIST snippets (...before I'm 108, ideally)

♦ Revel seeing our son bloom.

♦ Inspire others to develop their Emotional Intelligence, especially the awareness component.

♦ See Weight Release Action Program - WRAP - lead the pack of weight loss solutions.

♦ Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu.

♦ Laugh my way to a round of golf under 100.

♦ Open the world to a new level of consciousness through my movies and books.

♦ Be a thought leader on leveraging the Power of Emotions.

♦ Travel to each continent with my sweet hubby.

♦ Collaborate with Bono on a humanitarian project.

♦ Meet the Dalaï Lama personally.

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    • Emotionologist
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    • B.Sc. & Graduate Certificate Executive Coaching