Maisie-Jo Clifford


Hello! My name is Maisie-Jo Clifford and i am a Creative and Therapeutic Arts student at the University of South Wales. I am originally from Bristol, where i studied my A Levels and an Art Foundation year in Art, Design and Media at Bristol School of Art. I am currently in my first year of my course, and am beginning to learn how to develop art through a thereapeutic sense.

I studied both Art & Design and Psychology as A Level subjects, which broadened my fascination for Pyschology by learning how the human mind can affect behaviour, along with certain chemicals within the brain leading us to feel powerdul emotions such as love and fear. A Level art widened my horizons in terms of artistic style and influence, but it wasn't until i got to my Foundation year in art that i truly appreciated the technicalities and dedication of artistic movements through Art History lectures, and had the opportunity to experiment with a complex range of mediums such as pottery, installation art, illustration, embroidary and jewelery making. The course proved largely beneficial to me, and allowed me to establish my own artistic style as well as medium preferences.

I wanted to combine my skills and knowledge of art and psychology in order to aid others, and benefit people with a range of abilites. Creative and Therapeutic Arts is the ideal course for me in relation to this, and it is helping me to become more free within artistic practices and think about the deeper and more significant meanings of art work, and how they can be used to benefit others. I have had some experience working with children as i volunteered as a young leader at Rainbows Girl Guiding Association, and worked mainly with the children through arts and crafts and encouraging them to take pride in the art work that they produced.

I am finding my university course very enriching at the moment and am enjoying experimenting with different mediums, materials and artistic influences through set tasks, and am looking forward to seeing how my work and state of mind will grow and progress through the coming years.

  • Education
    • Yate International Academy and Bristol School of Art