Judi McMahon

Tucson, Arizona

I was born in New York City and spent the first half of my life there leading a wild and extraordinary life. Worked in the recording industry way back when, then went into writing, first for newspapers and as an editor on magazines, then began authoring mostly how-to books. One current book, 'IF THEY ASK ME I COULD WRITE A BOOK' is a novelized memoir that covers my life and that of a few close friends from the 1960s through 9/11. It covers such topics as alcoholism, overcoming addiction, Alzheimer's, adoption, and looking for and finding love. You can download it on Amazon.com. Oh and it's filled with photos that are real and historic. Today I live in Tucson, AZ. where I still write and also run my holistic skin care business, RebornAngel.com. I developed an incredible 100% organic moisturizer (comprised of 11 essential oils) that is guaranteed to remove fine lines and renew the skin's elasticity. Some of my many loves: My daughter, Valentina, who I adopted from an orphanage in Russia when she was almost 7 and I was in my 50s and alone and divorced. Then there is AA where almost 40 years ago I learned how to live a day at a time, without the need for alcohol or drugs. Some of my many entertainment likes: BREAKING BAD, HOMELAND, DOWNTON ABBEY, current movies: ARGO, DJANGO, ZERODARKTHIRTY. Oldies like CITIZEN KANE, THE SEVENTH SEAL, CASABLANCA, YOU'VE GOT MAIL. Loved the Brooklyn Dodgers from Jackie Robinson to Duke Snyder -- and have an incredible collection of memorabilia including Fred and Ginger, George Gershwin signed folio and personal checks, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Stephen Sondheim, Frank Capra...you get the idea. Going to Dublin, Ireland in April to celebrate my 40th anniversary in AA, along with a dear friend who is also celebrating 40 years in the best club in the world -- and often travel into NY to go to theater and visit friends.

Am currently working on finishing a mystery novel. And thoroughly enjoying life. Thank the Lord for all my blessings!!!

  • Work
    • Writer, author and creator of REBORN Skin Renewer
  • Education
    • Graduated Hunter College