Ceonia McMillan


I always strive for excellence. My goal is to meet your needs in a timely fashion. I take my time and produce quality results. I pride myself on dynamic customer service, flexibility and incredible patience.

I have worked in VARIOUS Office Assistant roles for 18 years. I like to help people meet their goals and expectations. I like to help people mark things off of the never-ending "To Do List". I like to put ease the minds of others while building trust and confidence.

I have held positions as an Administrative Assistant, Transcriptionist, Executive Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Event Planner Assistant and Legal Office Assistant.

I have been employed in a financial services firm, a health care company, a church, an accounting firm, law offices, a consulting firm and a warehouse. In my employment with these businesses, I strived to provide the utmost excellence in customer service to our clients as well as to my fellow co-workers.

I am very creative, trustworthy, punctual, attentive to all details and requests. I am honest, respectful and respectable. I am helpful, resourceful, ambitious, and a people pleaser. I am very results oriented and organized to a fault.

My strengths are in being proactive, resourceful, punctual, consistent, trustworthy, straightforward, honest, and taking initiatives to improve.

I'm passionate about being a right-hand partner to my clients. I love to hear my clients say, "You're one step ahead of me!" If I see something that I think may help you and your business, I'll bring it to your attention.

As my corporate background is varied, I bring a unique blend of experiences and skills to my practice. Owning my own business and working virtually with business owners in various types of businesses gives me the variety and the challenge that I love.

I joined Virtual Assistant Networking Association and the Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce in order to surround myself with other like minded people who are forward thinking like myself.

I have struck out on my own to maximize my flexibility, to achieve greater balance and control over my daily life.


  • Work
    • Virtually
  • Education
    • I learn something everyday.