Maxwell Coatney


I am a Castle Theatre intern and soon to be employee while being a full time student at Illinois State University with a major in Communication. Although this does not directly correlate with the music industry, I have taken my fair sure of electives in the Music Business field and soon to take elective Business classes next Fall.

If my non-music business major throws you off, my two internships have given me direct experience in the music industry. My internship at The Castle Theatre has recently grown into a summer position and has taught me the in's and out's of the live music industry. I hope to progress in the organization and help with business side of booking and promotion. My experience creating my own music blog led me to an internship position at where I wrote 5-7 posts a day as well as collaborated with marketing and promotion ideas with the CEO. This gave me social media experience that was hands on.

You can take a look at some of my written posts for TheMaskedGorilla and future shows at The Castle Theatre in the links provided below. Like what you see? Contact me at the information provided below or email me at

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