Michael Cohn

Michael D. Cohn

Senior Managing Member

Chief Investment Strategist

Mr. Cohn has been a financial services professional for over 26 years. His career started in 1985 at Bear Stearns & Co. in New York City. His experience there included Treasury bond trading, mortgage backed securities trading and underwriting, risk arbitrage, and OTC trading. From 1990 to 2004 Mr. Cohn was the chief investment manager for a private investment partnership. He has been a member of both the New York and American Stock Exchanges. From 1995 to 2004 he was the President and Managing Member of Raymar Capital LLC. a stock and option specialist firm on the American Stock Exchange.

Currently Mr. Cohn is the portfolio manager and chief investment strategist at Atlantis Asset Management. His specialties are equities, derivatives, commodities and fixed income strategies using innovative risk management techniques to preserve wealth, and create high income and growth oriented portfolios with lowered market risk. Mr. Cohn is a risk management consultant to other asset managers and financial advisors on using derivatives to manage risk and create income. Mr. Cohn is quoted frequently on CNBC, Reuters and in major financial print publications such as Forbes, Wealth Manager, Financial Planning and others. He writes frequently and has had articles published in the Journal of Wealth Management among others.