Mekayla Coppock

Im all about writing. I love it, I live for it. :D I am a gymnast. Im not that into it. But I love sports. I like soccer. Its a fun sport, but it gets find of boring sometimes. I absoloutly love school <3 School is very fun for me. I get to see all my friends and expand my knowledge. ♥.I love skype to! :D Most importantly I love a guy. He is really smart and funny and sweet and nice ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I am a total weirdo sometimes. I write alot of songs. I have written several books and a screenplay. When school gets in I am a total nerd. I have a lot of enemies. People such as Dustin F, Allya Cherry, Jimmy Tacy (tried to ruin last year for me.) But I also have alot of friends such as Grace, Kyra, Rebecca, Gabby, Jordan. And I have a couple frienemies such as Sirdean, Dante, Hayley D, Nate, Marrick and Marin. Im a total nerd when it comes to school. Out of school i am relaxed and laid back. But in school i am a total up straight, smart, school-loving nerd! I <3 school. I love the computer. I live on it on saturdays. It is my entire world other than writing and my bff :D. Grace Meske is usually my best friend. But right now she's not cause she doesn't know everything about me anymore. :D Lauren (a girl from school) She is really sweet and nice and pretty and athletic. She has alot of friends even though she's new to the school. I guess she just attracts friends! I was like instantly her friend when we met. She sits next to me in study hall thats how we originally met. I sat next to her since the only free seat was next to her. She laughed and shook my hand and said "I've seen you around school. I think you have math & science with me. Im Lauren." I was like "Hi. Sorry I'm a bit busy. Lots of work." and that was the end of the conversation. That was several weeks ago but in those few weeks we've become best friends. I told her about my crush in math class. Her Lulu and Alexis are the only ones who know. When I met Grace I was the complete opposite of who I am now. I was quiet, non- athletic, calm, timid, didn't speak unless spoken to, didn't make eye contact, didn't get so good of grades since I didn't put alot of effort in. I eventually got my grades up with a snap of my fingers. And they tested me for gifted. When I got into the gifted program I sat alone at a table in 4th grade. Her opening line was "Your so quiet. Hi im Grace." Anyways ive almost run over the maxim gtg