Mary K (Bones)

Pre Med student living in Athens, Greece grew up in Charlotte ,NC so i consider myself to be an American although i am not a US citizen, yet.

Will take my med school entrance exams in Dec 2013. Other than that i love science, medicine , history,the US military and working out.

I aspire to enlist in the US Army once I finish my residency and fellowship so that i will be able to help save soldier's and Marine's lives and perform breakthrough research with the FAST team.

On other notes:

- I am an atheist who is pretty rational and an empirical scientist -if you do not know what that means just think of Dr Brennan (Bones).

-Love classical music and jazz although i do listen to metal and hard rock when i hit the weight room.

-Avid viewer of several tv series like : Grey's Anatomy, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Nikita, Game of Thrones, House, Gossip Girl, etc.

-Love martial arts and combatives would love to pick up Krav Manga in the near future cos it's effective in real life situations .