Mohammed Saleh Dalloul

Hi all ,

I am Mohammed , An Mechanical engineer, graduated from QU 2008 , Enrolled in various offices engineering services such as : ASCO consultants , then moved to Marine Field with Halul Offshore services Company , owned by Milaha ( formally known Qatar navigation). I developed my knowledge into many technical areas, I started with HVAC systems, Fire Sprinklers , and mechanical Building services , then I moved to marine with Halul Offshore , Not the Island hhh! , it is only the company name, I was engineer Technical Assistant , I learned about vessels operation , business support , contracts , inventory , overseas laws , international standards regulations , risk assessments , safety requirements ,quality and many more about engines.

I love sports, even I stopped practicing , I had a black belt in Karate from Gaza, Palestine. I like all sports such ; football , volleyball , and gym. I have a channel for cars test drive , started recently ,and available within social media ,

while growing up , I had involved into many business opportunities , as real estate , private business , and much ready for some more.

I gained early experience about business and how important it is as early responsibility I had in my teenager years.

I am now working with QBIC as a operation officer handling facility management and learning tremendously day by day.

I adore ambition and I encourage to utilize it in any purpose in anyone life. your well support your dreams , it shall make it true as you persuasive