MDCSystems Business

Square Paoli, PA,US

MDCSystems is a Pennsylvania consulting firm that provides engineering and construction advisory services. A core focus is on evaluating troubled projects and providing clients with a firm understanding of relevant issues. Through accurately identifying strengths and weaknesses of their projects, MDCSystems is able to provide recommendations that enable clients to see projects through to completion. MDCSystems consultants are expert in a variety of disciplines and include licensed engineers, architects, and accountants. Within the engineering field, they have experience in the full range of technical competencies, from structural to mechanical applications.

A particular strength of MDCSystems is forensic engineering, which involves the application of analytical and engineering knowledge within the context of a lawsuit. Typically, an MDCSystems expert witness gives testimony that helps identify components of management failure within major construction projects. Key elements examined in determining causes of failure include budget, scope, and schedule. To learn more about MDCSystems’ full range of offerings, visit