Matthew Dan Tengasantos


As a Communications graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, my overarching goal is to contribute to the streamlined success of the growing Video Gaming Industry through social media expertise. To do this, I have a 3 step process:

Step 1: Memorize
This step consists of my on-going learning process. Through my experiences in various communications classes and studies in social sciences, I've developed a growing expertise with understanding/ navigating/ utilizing communicative networks and the people who use them. Also included in this step is the development of my basic professional skills and connections. This is accomplished through various internships at companies that develop a public relations and video game research-oriented skill set.

Step 2: Exercise
This step consists of working in my field. My emphasis is on the Video Gaming Industry. To reflect this, I have begun taking steps into the industry by further honing my research background through EEDAR and diving into gaming media through Bender/Helper Impact. To expand my skillset, my experience building the brand of boutique online retailer, Ten Haute, allowed me to impliment measurable strategies to gauge specific successes and tactics to improve.

Step 3: Realize
This step will primarily consist of passing on the knowledge I've gained from my experiences. While I've passed tips and tricks on professionalism to friends and family, my ultimate destination is to educate as a teacher. This way, my students will take confidence in the fact that their instructor did NOT follow the saying, "those who don't do, teach".

Through these 3 steps, I can ascertain a successful career through tangible accomplishments.