Marc de Jaime i Bruguera


In his career he has held senior positions in operational management and technical direction and has a great knowledge of the overall development process of a project.

Its values ​​are a great qualification and experience in management and leadership, a multipurpose and multidisciplinary profile and has a strong analytical skills and global vision aimed at identifying and analyzing new opportunities, markets and strategies.

It also has a good knowledge and experience in relation to public authorities and models of public-private currently being member of various technical comissions in the energy field.

He has also actively participated in the development and promotion of R&D+i for the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCYT) - CDTI

- Industrial Engineer, Electro-Mechanical double major, School of Industrial and Aeronautic Engineering of Terrassa (1999).

- Master Postgraduate in Occupational Risk Prevention (Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Psychology).

- Postgraduate Training in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

- Graduate Training and Efficiency Savings

- PDD Postgraduate Training in Management Skills and Innovation, as well as team management.

- Auditor Management Systems Energy Efficiency EN16.001