Mike DeLucia

Consultant, Growth Hacker, and Business Analyst in San Francisco, California

I believe that business is fundamentally about improving people's lives, whether through providing them with their wants and/or needs, improving the efficiency of everyday tasks, or connecting people to their friends and family across the globe.

My career focus is to help businesses help others and do so as efficiently as possible. Whether through entering new markets, creating new products, or finding ways to increase revenue and create more value for shareholders, my goal is to help others by helping businesses succeed. I bring an ever-questioning mindset, a curiosity to learn, an analytical mind, and a desire to cultivate relationships to help businesses do just that.

I graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in Accounting and Finance. I have worked at Deloitte & Touche LLP serving financial services clients in real estate investment and mortgage loan lending where I helped my clients solve challenging accounting issues, tested valuation models, and focused on superlative client service.

While my background is in financial services, I am particularly interested in technology, and how doing more with less can dramatically improve the world in the most superior ways. Technology, like me, seems to always be asking "Why?" Why do we need to carry around wallets? Why do we need to own cars? My inquisitive and analytical mind is constantly asking these types of questions and is also why I am constantly looking to increase my knowledge. I'm an avid reader of Stratechery.com, Qz.com, Breaking Smart, along with other tech sites, and I believe that bringing a business mindset and the following skills to the tech themes these outlets discuss can only help consumers, investors, and society as a whole even more.


Financial Analysis

Business Development


Data Analysis

Growth Strategy and Execution

Digital Marketing

Client Relationship Management

Growth Hacking

Advanced Microsoft Excel