Mario D'Ingianna

Buenos Aires - Argentina

My work puts the focus on the field of Transmedia, with role of Business & Product Manager and technology consultant.
Basically my job is to lead teams analysis, design and development of software platforms that respond to the needs of customers, users and brands, in an environment of multiple technologies, devices and targets. The aim is to develop specific content that involves a unique user experience.
That’s why I apply conceptual tools used in other areas of knowledge beyond technological, allowing me an anthropological, psychological, communicational and semiotic perspective.
As for specific skills include a strong focus on marketing and advertising, scriptwriting (alternative an classic narrative expertise), audiovisual production and editing, digital image generation, to name a few .
My main goal is to achieve effective communication.
In conclusion, want to mention that I am detail-oriented, organized and able to meet project deadlines. I outline my analytical, oral and written communication skills, ability to establish interpersonal relationships and proven experience in operating high-impact projects, or require a mix of technology and creativity in the development of content.

  • Work
  • Education
    • Licenciado en Comunicación Audiovisual
    • Guionista de Cine y TV
    • Especialista en Gestión de Redes y Servicios de Telecomunicaciones
    • Analista De Sistemas
    • Técnico Electrónico