Mike Dirhalidis

Mike, or else known on the net as Mikeone or Mikey, was born in Katerini in 1991! Nowadays, he is a Junior in English School at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he lives the last years. His favourite hobbies are listening to the music (especially rock, alternative and punk-rock), surfing the web and radio broadcasting. He used to be a radio producer in Katerini's local radio station, "Forever - 96,3 Fm" until September 2008 and in an internet radio named "Phoenix-Radio" (known as inout-radio afterwards)". He is the the founder of Tourlou Radio (tourlou.gr), an online - radio project which started last summer (August 2010) and lasted until July 2011. Nowadays, he is a radio producer in trust-radio.gr, located in Thessaloniki. You can tune in every Sunday evening at 20:00 - 22:00 GMT+2. Mike is the administrator of mastouromata.com (personal blog), techpod.eu (podcast about technology), tourlou.gr (online - radio project - site closed on July 2011) and inout.gr (greek forum with a huge variety of topics to discuss). To find Mike in other Social Networks, or visit his websites, just check the following links.