Marija Đuran

Serbia, Belgrade

Hello, my name is Marija. I' m from Serbia and love street workout, music, skydiving, paragliding, surfing, nature and photography :). My favourite destination is Israel , I hope that I will visit that country soon. I don't have idols, but man who really respect is Bear Grylls. I'm vegeterian and the most I love to eat raw food a lot nuts and healty seed a loot of fruit and vegetables, I make domastic peanutbutter, wallnut butter, hazel-nut butter and others delicious and healty dishes I make a domestic nuttela too :). I really try to eat healty and domestic food because I don't like GMO food and always talk about deleteriousness of that kind of food. I'm 19 and my goal in life is to smile a lot every day, to be a positive, to have a job one day which is creative and travel over the world. I love to do new things in life so I have a lot of plans :). I belive in that, that everything in life is possible but our success depend of us and our work. I love social networks so I have facebook, instagram and twiter.

If you want, you can contact me on email or facebook.

Thank you for visiting my page, all the best and don't foreget to train ! :)

And in addition little motivation, this video really help me and really motivate me so if you want you can see. Its great!

  • Education
    • Secondary economic school