MD Lekalakala


I’m M.D.Lekalakala a permanently employed and qualified 20 years and 9 months experienced Mathematics educator in Limpopo, SA. My passion is developing young minds; helping them to develop positive values and be the best at what they do. Currently, my focus is on innovation, value creation and being resourceful for Mathematics teaching and learning that develop learner's 21st century skills.

My academic and professional expertise amongst others include under graduate Teachers Diploma from Mamokagalake Chuene College of Education, National Diploma in Human Resources from UNISA, Further Diploma in the field of Science and Bachelor of Education in the field of Mathematics from Wits University. Through my ambition to learn how to integrate technology into curriculum, I went an extra mile and obtained a number of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) Professional Development Certificates including Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE), Teaching with Technology, Windows 8 in the Classroom, Windows in the Classroom and . The combination of these diverse academic standing and skills traits makes me an excellence Mathematics teacher and set me apart from my colleques.

Presentations: I make a difference by consistently attending and presenting in ICT Conferences, Summits, teach meets, Webinars, Skype presentations, etc. I recently presented at the ICT Schoolnet Conference in Durban in July 2015, Association for Mathematics Education of South Africa (AMESA) in June 2015, Cape Town e-schools' network in 2014, Bloemfontein ICT and Classroom Conference held in July 2013, Johannesburg Dainfern College EdTech Summit and Jane Furse EdTech Summit.

Project Based Learning: I conduct projects with my grade 5 learners that focus more on innovative content mastery and content creation through interactive Maths learning. The projects exposes them to a range of applications including Microsoft Maths Worksheet Generator, Mathematics 4.0, Khan Academy,, Geogebra, Flashcards, Kodu and Maths Computer games. I develop digital materials for Mathematics teaching and learning using PowerPoint, Office Mix, Sway, YouTube, OneNote , TEDEd, etc. incorporating into the materials videos, snapshots, quizzes and games. The applications and materials I create transforms traditional learning into 21st Century learning. Learners also create their own resources using Book Creator, PowerPoint, Songsmith, Movie Maker and more.

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    • Dept. of Education
  • Education
    • Undergraduate Teachers Diploma
    • Further Diploma in Education; Science Field
    • Bachelor of Education: Project in Mathematics
    • National Diploma in Human Resources Managent