Mama drama101

MamaDrama101, takes an honest, relatable approach when exploring the reality, drama and psychology required of individuals in the Parenting Universe!

Being part of any relationship, whilst fumbling through parenthood & trying to maintain our sanity and identity, as an individual, is not a task for the faint hearted!

This is a resource for every parent, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, beliefs and type of family unit. There is no judgement here, this is a safe place to explore the messier, not so picturesque side of our life! NO topic is taboo and nothing is sugar coated.

When some of us of consider having a child, we romanticise the idea of having something of our own, a cute and cuddly little bub, that we can love and be loved by, unconditionally- forever. After all, one of the greatest titles in the world is Parent, to be one is a gift and to be worthy of being called Mom or Dad is a beautiful blessing. We know that parenting can be hard, babies cry, cost money, our sex life and sleep take a hit and we are realistic in our understanding- that our lives will never be the same again. We do our best to prepare for this and as much as we think we know what to expect, we don't! So we set off reading books, watching documentaries, talking to people and try to access as much information as we possibly can. We are determined to do it right, without all the fuss and drama, because we will be the best parents in the world! With everything that technology brings to our lives, parenting has to be easier, there's no way we can screw things up, or struggle to relate to our kids, because unlike the generations before us, we are awesome!

Yeah Right!

As much as we love being parents and wouldn't change it for the world, there are going to be moments when we feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. We are going to make mistakes, not be perfect, feel dissatisfied, lost, sad, inadequate, angry, resentful, depressed and alone. As much as we love our children and every stage are at, we secretly celebrate the end of one era with- 'YAY!!! No pacifier! No bottle! No nappies...Whoohoo!

You know, you've passed the honeymoon stage of parenting, when you hear someone is expecting and the first thought that creeps into your mind is - 'sucked in!' Please, save the head shaking judgement for someone else, we've all thought it at one point or another!

There are no sick days for paren