Matt Roland

A GUST OF FRESH SPRING AIR THROUGH AN OPEN WINDOW. the perfect song at the perfect moment. A FAMILIAR SMILE. warm grass beneath bare summer feet. THE SMELL OF HOME. toasty socks right out of the dryer. LETTERS. broken curfews. NARROW ESCAPES. metaphors. THE SMELL OF RAIN. remembering that dream the next morning. A SMOKELESS CAMPFIRE. stray cats. CRASHED 4RUNNERS. summer's first sunburn. BREATHTAKING VIEWS. boots. TWO STEP. the fresh feeling of a new toothbrush. TRADITIONS. driving to nowhere in particular. AN UNDERDOG VICTORY. random acts of kindness. HOMEMADE PIZZA. drive-in movies. HOME AWAY FROM HOME. fellowship. STILL NIGHTS. fierce, beautiful storms. A SPEACIAL BENCH. sharp pencils. TAN LINES. hand shakes. MORNING DEW. dodging sprinklers. SKIPPING CLASS. getting away with it. SWEATPANTS. love. TAQUITOS. pathetic excuses. BALLOONS. the zoo. GONE, BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. pride. SAILING. inside jokes. SMALL HANDS. being there. RIDING IN THE TRUCK BED. lakes. FRONT ROW CONCERTS. memorable mixtapes. THAT TEACHER WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE. scars. COLOGNE. pictures. SUMMER NIGHTS. bike trails. DAY TRIPS TO THE BEACH. blue mint gum. ROPE SWINGS. night swimming. ROAD TRIPS. athems. SLEEPING ON THE COUCH. funerals. SAYING GOODBYE. bayous. PUNCH. coogs. RANCHES. sneaking out. NEW FRIENDS. old friends.


Little things paint a big picture.