Md Sabbir Hosen

Web Developer, Project Manager, and Designer in Raozan, Bangladesh

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Hello, this is Md Sabbir hosen, but everyone known as Sabbir. I'm expert in the field of Responsive We design ,Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Office Application & also Digital marketing

I'm born in the city of Chittagong on 05th May, 1999. I completed my Secondary Study from Abdus salam adarsha High School. After Completing My Secondary I admitted myself at the Ashalata College& finally graduated from Raozan govt. college under National university

After receiving my degree I take an industrial training on WEB DESIGN from BITM and the training duration is 3 months.

I'm Highly Capable to motivate subordinates & adapting in any type of environment. I'm also flexible, dependable and able to work under tight guideline, challenging condition & long hours. I'm also a Self motivated, energetic, highly ambitious and agile in nature & able to manage, scheduling a project and have a full organized capacity.

I want to maintain honesty in spear of my whole life. That's why I'm always trying to do my all job very perfectly & it was the strength of my life.