MD Veggie Food Inc.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Welcome to our temporary page that gives you the opportunity to get in contact with us and get some information about our products and services.

We're producing so good meatless food,
that even meat enthusiasts do love it.

Dr. Spiegel, Head of Developent at Dr. Oetker:

“The texture of the products is absolutely “meat-like”, even experts can’t tell the difference in fiber structure from “real meat”.
This impression is continued in the mouth. The palate can‘t tell the difference between these products and „real meat“.“
Many of our competitors are working on tofu-based, which gives their products a dry, rubbery and sometimes “crumbly” texture.

No side effects


No Trans fats

Low calories

No saturated fats (product dependent)

No cholesterol

High fiber content

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