Leo Leonelli

Writer, Editor, and Publisher in Honolulu, Hawaii

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I’m the founder of:

Health Hack Stack;

"Certified Health Optimization Practitioner" (CHOP) Designation Program;

Health Hack Stack Nutrition;

IM Funnel Playbook;

Apollo Music Vibe;

Biofield Therapeutics; and

Nat'l Assoc for Biofield Therapeutics Specialists (NABTS).

I'm chief editor for:

Insider Health Optimization Secrets.

I'm the author of:

"The Handbook of Health Hack Stacks Plus;"

"Blackjack One-Sheet: How I win 25% of my bankroll 80% of the time."

My primary mission in life is to help awaken the "masses" to the fact that they do have genuine, efficient, and safer alternatives with the power to help them to proactively put more years into their life and more life into their years, further proving that...

"Your body can take care of what it needs naturally if you give it what it naturally needs... effectively."

~ Leo Leonelli

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    • University of Hawaii