Leo Leonelli

Writer, Editor, and Publisher in Honolulu, Hawaii

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I’m the Founder of "Health Hack Stack;" "The Insider Health Optimization Secrets Newsletter;" and the "Certified Health Optimization Practitioner" (CHOP) Designation Program.

I'm also a Consumer Health Advocate that specializes in, and enjoys, researching and confirming, via meta-analysis and self-experimentation, Insider Health Optimization Secrets that are uncommonly known.

Health Hack Stack's mission is to help awaken the "medically-shackled" to the fact that they do have genuine, efficient, and safer alternatives with the power to help them to proactively put more years into their life and more life into their years, further proving that...

"Your body can take care of what it needs naturally if you give it what it naturally needs... effectively."

I do this for my benefit and YOURS.

This is why on 1-1-20, Health Hack Stack will be providing for FREE its Grand-Opening monthly issue, "The Insider Health Optimization Secrets Newsletter," so you can then discover what Big Pharma and Dot.com Doctors hope you never discover.

So why not reserve your FREE issue at HealthHackStack.com TODAY.

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