well because I'm only 17 years old I realy don't have such long biography.:)

I come from Slovenia, the capital- Ljubljana. I'm junior in high school and I would like to become a biochemist to make medicines.

i speak three differente languages. Slovene, English and German. I also learned French but it was too hard for me. It's a realy difficult lenguge:).

The most importat things you need to know about me are: i adore fashion. i wanted to go to designer high school, but people have convinced me not to..:( Ikind of regreat that now. But we can't change our past and also there are no mistakes right? second thing is music. It's one of my favourite things like probably from most of the teenagers:) i listen to all kinds of music and receanty i started to liten Ed Sheeran. He is awsome:)

Since this is a biography I should tell you that I trained quite a lot of sports. my favourite is rythmic gimnastic. it is such a beautiful sport and also diverse. i also like skiing it is a very commone sport in our country. We could say it is our national sport:)

Well I think I wrote too much so I will end now. if you want to learn more about me, my live, my country and so much more you can visit my blog: http://sloveniangirl.wordpress.com/