Rianna Santos

I used to swim for my school and I won up until regional.

I'm also a pretty good singer, I love the comments I get. (even if it isn't 100% true.

My family is a family of 4 and we love traveling.

I guess if there isn't anything to do we decide to go for a drive.

There was this one time where I was really sick and the sickness wouldn't go away, so half way through the day my mum and dad said we could go to the beach because apparently the sea breeze is good for the body. so yeah...

my weaknesses? I have very few...

- I can't work if there is a song playing.

- I get very itchy at night so when I wake up the next day, my skin is suddenly white!

- I get into fights with my bro easily

- and... the heat drives me nuts!!!

I have strengths too:

- I can sing

- I can swim

- I have some sort of artistic talent (my friends say so)

- I have a big relationship with my friends that I DON'T want to NEVER see them!!!

I also love dogs out of the choice between Dogs and cats, but really you won't get any exercise with a cat...