Meade Atkinson

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Meade Atkinson is a name synonymous with strategic and consistent leadership. He is a consummate professional living in Lake Norman – Denver, North Carolina. He is known for his focussed and critical decision making prowess in pivotal scenarios. He is a visionary strategist who is known for being able to capture fast and accurate reads of business situations.

Atkinson has throughout the span of his career provided companies with a host of skill sets to enable successful franchises and enterprises. He has a BS degree alongside a Masters in Business Administration. He started his career as an EDI Sales Representative for Blue Cross Blue Shield. His had a fruitful beginning there with consistent performances. He was already a motivator to others as well as winning awards such as for salesman of the year. Here, under him the team achieved better market penetration and he was responsible for consistent high sales achievements. His connection with Blue Cross went through a brief interlude with a stint as client care manager at MID Atlantic between 1995 and 1997, after which he returned to Blue Cross as an EDI. Here, he rose to National Director Client care sales and marketing (1999 – 2003). He had become senior director in 2000 itself whence he served on the company’s Mergers and Acquisitions committee. During this period he was not only responsible for evaluation of EDI but was also instrumental in increased market presence and share through focussed sales and revenue generation practices.

Meade Atkinson had a very impactful association with Cerner Corporation complete supply chain up gradation and consequentially a substantial impact on revenue at organisational level. He had a long haul at TSI Healthcare as executive Vice President of Business Development and CMO between 2005 and 2012. Here he was involved in acquisitions, contract renegotiations and overall corporate strategic Planning thereby improving internal and external revenues with better client retention and generation. He is currently performing the role of Vice President in a extremely all encompassing strategic capacity.

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