Aditya Bhasin

I am a student of English Literature at Delhi University. I have keen interest in blogging, because for me writing a blog is like writing an open book where I share my views and opinion about things going on under the Sun. My idea of blogging is that I should not only share what I feel and what I do, but also let people benefit themselves by reading my experience and views. I have read authors of all the ages be it Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen, Amitav Ghose , Mohan Rakesh, Jane Eyre, Mitchell, Asimov, Agatha, Fleming , Webster, Aphra Behn, Chetan Bhagat and many more. My favorite genre of books is Fiction. In Recent future I wish to read Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayan and bible. About my activities I can say that, I love to surf internet, Read and Watch news for keeping myself updated with general knowledge. Playing Basketball, Football is what I like in addition to my passion of swimming. I'm also a very optimistic person and believe that everything is possible if Done with positive attitude and strong will power. My self confidence is my Biggest asset in addition to my excellent communication skills. My creativity, idealism, leadership, boundless enthusiasm, ambition, are also some of my greatest assets. About my future prospectus, I wish to be a very successful blogger, and want to make my name in Communication Industry; Any place where I have responsibility to speak to people, make my views counted, and speak on behalf of others. Working in electronic media and web media is what I look forward to rigorously.