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Built On Relationships, Trust, And Optimal Dental Outcomes Snohomish County's Meadowdale Dental Clinic - Dentists at Meadowdale Dental Clinic in Lynnwood, WA are dedicated to providing you with high-quality general and cosmetic care in order to support your smile, teeth, and oral health for a lifetime. Our mouth and teeth are such a sensitive area in terms of how we are designed so it is not surprising that how we perceive our oral health has a significant impact on our psychological sense of well-being. Our Lynnwood WA team of dentists recognizes and respects the delicate yet complex role our mouths and teeth play in individual quality of life. This ranges from basic function (eating and speaking) to self-perception (confidence and aesthetics). Because of this intricate relationship between health and individual consciousness, our dental focus is on building strong, long-lasting relationships as an important foundation for treating each of our customers. When trust is established, then supporting one’s dental health becomes much easier. This is the ultimate goal at our dentistry practice. Our dentists, along with our entire team, have extremely high standards for our work, and we are committed to excellence. Our team in Lynnwood WA work hard to provide you and your family with gentle, comprehensive care in a friendly, warm atmosphere. Guests are welcome to make themselves feel at home at our cozy little office. But behind the scenes, we have invested in advanced diagnosis technologies that allow us to run more efficiently and provide better care to our dental customers. These include things like digital low dose radiation, intra-oral photography, and improved communication software between guests and our dds clinic.

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