Meadow Williams

Actor, screenwriter, and producer in Los Angeles, California

Meadow Williams

Actor, screenwriter, and producer in Los Angeles, California

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Meadow Williams is an actress and screenplay writer who loves dancing, gardening, poetry, morning coffee, and helping children’s wishes come true.

How Meadow Williams Got her Start

Meadow has been working regularly as an actress, getting her start in 1994 with “The Mask” and “Beverly Hills Cop III.” These roles led to the role that shaped her career -- playing Kevin Bacon’s significant other in the Oscar-award winning “Apollo 13.” Working alongside Kevin and director Ron Howard was an experience she says she’ll never forget. “I’m so grateful to these two men and to countless others. Ron’s wisdom and experience helped me to dig deep and use my experiences to elevate my art and bring depth and sincerity to each of my performances. It’s been more than 20 years since we filmed “Apollo 13,” and I am still incorporating things Ron taught me into my performances today.”

Meadow Williams’ films with Gruntworks Entertainment

In the last decade, she’s done a lot of films with Gruntworks Entertainment, acting in five of their films. I guess you could say Gruntworks gets the Meadow Williams stamp of approval. In 2008, she played lead roles in both Skeletons in the Desert and Jack Rio. Then in 2009, she played Lily in The Intruders and was fortunate enough to get the lead role in Raven, playing a seductive vampire. In 2011, she played the part of Miranda Barnes. Miranda was dying of cancer when she was miraculously cured by a beautiful stranger, who was played by Daeg Faerch.

Meadow Williams’ Recent Filmography

Recently, Meadow has continued acting in movies, including Officer Downe, which is based on the graphic novel of the same name and directed by Shawn Crahan. She also played Mrs. Ancilla (alongside Ray Liotta) in Alone, a film about a war veteran with PTSD who becomes friends with a teenage girl, written and directed by Matthew Coppola.

Meadow loves acting and all of the experiences it brings, but it’s not her only love. She also writes screenplays, and she recently finished writing two -- a surfing-themed romantic comedy and a psychological thriller (The Trophy). Both scripts are set to be produced soon.

She is living her dream as an actress and writer, and she is looking forward to continuing doing it for as long as she can.

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