Meagan Prins

Colorado, United States

What to say, what to say. It was Issac Newton who said he was standing on the shoulders of giants. Now I'm no Newton, but I feel the same way. I feel as if I'm a quilt of words, patched together by so many incredible people. Because of them, I see beauty and truth and love in this world. Because of them, I write, I learn, and I explore. God is all around me, especially in Durango, Colorado, and my purpose in life is to bring him glory and share him with the faces around me. I'm an athlete, a writer, an artist of sorts, and I'm a set of eyes ready to see everything there is out there to see. I enjoy a good book, a rainy day with a cup of hot coffee, talking for hours about nothing, writing letters, and shooting baskets alone in an empty gym with music in my ears. I like to think, to be inspired, and to somehow change the world a little for the better. So what are you waiting for? The adventure begins today.

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    • Student
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    • Fort Lewis College