Meagan Biccum

Life and wellness coach in Canada

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Hey my name is Meagan. Mom to 3 amazing children. Thankful that I never have to leave them to go to a regular job.

A few years ago I was going thru alot of bad mental health cycles and just was not being my best self. I was eating junk more then proper food. Not taking care of myself in all the ways needed to feel and be healthy. On top of all the struggles of being a parent with ADHD!

Thankfully an old friend of mine had mentioned maybe starting my own business. While it took me awhile, I am forever grateful I did say YES!!

Since then I took control of my health, mind, body and spirit. With alot of personal development and our great health and beauty products I was able to lose those pesky last few pounds and get my mind right.

I lost those last few pesky pounds and maintained it for well over a year. Got pregnant and managed to get back into prebaby size in a shorter period of time then my first two kids.

I thank the universe daily for showing me the way to being able to help others lose the weight they been dying to. Help them get the energy needed back and just be able to keep up with their ever changing lives!

If you are looking to be healthier or just want to make an extra income follow the link below !! I look forward to helping you take back control!!