Meagan Chamberlain

Student in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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During the 16 years of my life, I have learned a lot about myself. I am passionate about traveling, music, and animals. I live with my dad, mom, and older sister, and they are all significant role models in my life. They definitely have an impact on my worldview, and they help me understand what goes on in the world and what I can do to avoid problems.

I’m still developing my worldview as I travel, go to school, allowing me to learn about different cultures. My Christian life, my family, the media and my surroundings all make an impact on my worldview and how I interact with other people. I’m disturbed by the many issues that have been brought to my attention from media, such as human trafficking, animal cruelty, etc. It is my goal to have a career that addresses these issues, and that positively impacts myself and other people. It concerns me that people aren’t aware of the current issues that are going on right now, and I would like to change this.

Every day I try to wake up with a positive attitude and carry that positivity and optimism with me all day. I'm trying to have a healthy mind and body, and this is only possible with motivation and positive goal setting. In the future it's my goal to spread happiness to those around me as well as have a kind and gentle attitude.

It is one of my goals to travel as much of the world as I can, and to have a successful career path that allows me to fulfill this goal of exploring and learning about our planet. I'm very curious about the different landscapes of the world, the different cities and towns, and the many cultures that have developed over history that make the world have so much character. I am also passionate about music, and am currently learning piano. I’m challenging myself to learn how to play multiple instruments. I’m also making an effort to do the best I can in school so that I can be ready for the future.

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