Meagan Lindsey

Dallas, Texas

I'm not extraordinary good at explaining who I am. I don't want to come across boastful nor do I want to be self depreciating. I can give you a list of my interest, but honestly it's not that interesting and it changes daily. I love traveling and exploring new places. I'm a typical upbeat, sensitive at times, optimistic, music loving girl. If you could take bits and pieces of each character from Sex in The City, mix in a little Daria, Cher (Clueless, duh) and a gypsy you'd have me. I have a wandering mind that never sit still. I love to love, try to inspire and be inspired, I just want to be a light. I like to think you can learn a lot about someone from what others say about them, so I'd hope if anyone described me it'd be similar to how I just drafted myself.

  • Education
    • University of Texas in Arlington