Meagan Gray


26 year old. Big food lover. Pinterest obsessed. Open to adventure. Never sits still.

My life in a nutshell is about being productive to get the most out of life. I often have several different projects occurring simultaneously from DIY projects to university studies and half read books. This often results in having several conflicting ideas as to what I should work on first, but I'm fortunate to love being busy and manage to work it out.

I have a huge appetite for learning new things and putting myself in situations that I'm not all that comfortable just to test myself - travelling around Europe by myself having never been overseas previously is a prime example! I've recently explored indoor rock climbing which is incredible fun and I would highly recommend it.

I tend to know a little bit about everything and am the atypical jack of all trades. Yet as I wrap up a Bachelor of Communication I'm now hoping to become a specialist in communications and find my break into the media industry.

My boyfriend and I love deep house and can be found listening to tunes at home and grooving about as we cook up amazing meals.