Meagan Shumack

Student, Nanny, and Blogger in North Carolina

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Hey, Yall!

My name is Meagan and I'm a 22 year old student living in North Carolina. I love to write (hence the excitement about a blog) and read & I have a passion for travel and crafting. Lets see coffee is great at any time of day and breakfast for dinner is perfect.

So, why blog? Easy, I love to write (and talk) so it seemed to be a great idea. I have multiple blogs that I follow and read daily! I've tried blogging before and while I did not do well I found a few of the problems and I have decided to give this another go! My blog name, Moments with Mea, comes from the idea that I want to share moments that occur as I stumble through life. Oh! And my nickname is Mea (pronounced May).

There will be posts about traveling (domestic and international), crafting (obviously, the Pinterest attempts, even the fails), new recipes and restaurants I try, my job as a nanny, friendship, and so much more. One important topic that I will cover will also be mental health (ie. anxiety and depression).

Well, like I said just want to welcome everyone and hope that you enjoy reading about my stumbles through life!