Meagan Williams

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Hi! I'm Meagan Williams, owner of mmkoriginals, and blogger at Pinned It, Did It, and ...

I am a wife and mom who is addicted to crafting. I love shopping and ice cream. I dabble in photography and graphic design. I love sewing, food, and home décor.

My husband is the love of my life, my daughter lights up my world, and my family means everything to me. I could not imagine doing life without them!

At mmkoriginals, I am dedicated to creating stylish, handmade items for children. I have been crocheting, knitting, and sewing since I was a little girl, all thanks to my wonderful and patient mom who taught me. I am very much a perfectionist, so all of my items are crafted of the highest quality. I love to dream up and make new projects, but my creations tend to take over. Therefore, I am very happy to share them with you and let you enjoy them as much as I do!

I'd love for you to visit my Etsy Shop, blog, pinterest, and anything else you would like below. Just click on the links!

I am excited to hear from you soon!