Meaghan Golden

New York, Ny Usa

With a photojournalistic approach, I shoot for candid moments, true expression of delight, happiness and play that are individual to your child and family. I look for this moment.

I capture the story that is unique as your child.
I look for those moments that are usually
"in-between" the poses. A shy smile, a sweet look or crafty grin, I catch the genuine expressions of your child.

I shoot on location, for any event. Birthday parties, playtime, sporting events, tea parties, at the museum, or maybe naptime when baby is being rocked in mama's arms. Any place or situation where you want to create memories in photos.

I believe that photographing your children and family in environments that are comfortable and familiar create a scenario that will bring out the best in everyone, something that can't be captured in a studio.

We can work together to fulfill your creative visions, or we can meet and brainstorm ideas.

This is not your mall portrait. I am passionate and committed to creating beautiful images that are unique and you will love forever.

Please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

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    • BA Savannah College of Art and Design