Meaghan Jarensky

Meaghan Jarensky

Meaghan Jarensky is an advocate for the social progression of women and girls, a humanitarian, and a highly trained yogi who believes in the power of young women to positively impact their communities, one girl at a time.

It was her struggle with ulcerative colitis that compelled her to seek out yoga, nutrition and meditation as a way to manage her health. She gained a passion for the practice, and has become an expert in the field.

She has an extensive education in integrative and holistic health, and is sought after for her teaching and guidance in yoga, meditation, and nutrition. She holds a certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Counselor, and holds multiple certifications in yoga and meditation.

She earned a BS in International Marketing from Pace University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership at Fordham University.

Meagan has been interviewed in various print and televised media outlets, and has appeared on the television show Fear Factor. She is a community leader for Off the Mat, Into the World and serves as a board member for the nonprofit Super Role Models.

Meaghan is the 2005 Miss New York USA and represented the state in the Miss USA Pageant, becoming the most recent Miss New York to place in the top 10. She is also the 2010 Mrs. New York America and represented the state in the Mrs. America Pageant.

Her work as a pageant contestant helped inspire her to become a activist in support of young women. She founded One Girl, Inc., in 2007, where she utilizes the principles and practices of yoga to inspire social consciousness and develop effective, socially-aware women leaders.

Under Meaghan’s leadership, One Girl recently launched “In Plain Site,” a campaign to end cyberbullying. The campaign is a coalition of community organizations that advocates for stiff anti-cyberbullying laws and educates young people how to avoid becoming victims and their legal options if they do.Jareknsky is leading the fight in New York State as she recently called for passage of New York State Senate Bill S5871, the E-Personation Protection Act, an anti-cyberbullying law that would impose a stiff penalty on an individual if convicted of online impersonation with the intent to harm.