Meander Holzer

Artist, Consultant, and Project Manager in Seattle, Washington

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I am a full-time project coordinator at a small business services company and part-time personal organizer and adult home-ec skills coach. Previously, I was a full-time artist, specializing in wearable art inspired by nature which was worn by performers and for special events. My miniature landscape art and diorama jewelry is still available in limited quantities through The Schack art gallery in downtown Everett, Washington.

Please note that I no longer run an active web presence for my business, MeandrousArt, and that my former .com has been replaced with a pornography-laden landing page which I am not affiliated with and cannot control. I caution those who do not want to view such material not to visit. I disable old hyperlinks where I am aware they exist or am able.

In my free time, I enjoy singing with the small local Nordic choir, volunteer with the Girl Scouts, and very occasionally blog about antiques antd vintage item history and restoration.