Involved in the most historic clubs of New York City of modern day, such as Twilo, Vinyl (Arc), Club Love his premature exposure to NY underground goes back to the mid 90’s, through a premature exposure to the New York underground dance community, (at age 14), he got an early schooling from a broad variety of artists ranging from Timmy Regisford to Frankie Bones...

Born on the banks of Neva in St. Petersburg, Russia, his musical journey is rooted in experiments with early disco sounds and elements from multiple genres. His inspirations, ideas and style stem from his childhood fascination with artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, SPACE (Ecama), Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, and Cerrone, along with a broad range of Blues, Jazz and Classical musicians.

…Through exploration, experiments, dedication, a professional experience in the music industry and New York City nightclubs, Meandisco possesses exceptional abilities and skills. It can be observed through his track selection, mixes, the multi-ego musical performances, events, and projects. They endlessly emit inspirational energy, knowledge, an unquestionable love for the music, arts and a passionate drive to follow one’s dream…

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